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 NYS Management Advocates for School Labor Affairs


In the early 1970s, a small group of school board negotiators joined together to pool their expertise in dealing with public employee organizations, under the then-new Taylor Law. These negotiators were facing well-trained union professional negotiators, armed with statewide collective bargaining data and sophisticated bargaining techniques.

These management advocates, having no other organization to look to for support, training and resource material, formed the New York State Association of Management Advocates for School Labor Affairs (MASLA).

Since its origin, MASLA has grown to become the primary support organization for public sector Management negotiators and Human Resources (HR) Professionals in New York State. Our membership list includes attorneys, school administrators, public administrators, personnel administrators, and labor relations specialists.

The most recent issues in labor relations are discussed at our regular business meetings by guest speakers who are considered experts in their field. Members share their experiences and discuss happenings in the labor relations arena.

Our annual summer conference has become the premier statewide conference for public sector management advocates.

MASLA members are not just members in another professional organization, they are part of a group of professionals who share their expertise and assist each other when the need arises.



One of the primary goals of MASLA is to provide its membership with continuous opportunities for professional growth and development. Regular mini-seminars on current topics of mutual concern are conducted throughout the State, utilizing the expertise of members, as well as outside expert consultants. MASLA is continually evaluating these programs and developing new programs to be of service to its members.

The Association, through its Executive Committee provides the membership with an active link to Albany. MASLA has developed and will continue to have an active lobbying effort with leaders and staff of both the Senate and Assembly. In addition, the officers and directors of MASLA have developed a vehicle of continuous contact, exchange of information, and dialogue with the Board of Regents, the New York State Education Department, the NYS Council of School Superintendents, the New York State School Boards Association, the Public Employment Relations Board and other appropriate groups.



data bank

An Arbitration Award Data Bank is being established and will be available in the members-only portion of the website, when the programming is completed.  A separate announcement to that affect will be sent out when the time is right.

MASLA members are available to assist other members when faced with job actions by employee unions. This service is unique and invaluable to the experienced and the less experienced advocate.



Regional salary

and contract



Regional directors collect data from members in their region. MASLA members can request valuable negotiations data pertaining to their region or other parts of the State. This information is the most accurate data available, as it is compiled by the negotiators themselves.

For more information about MASLA, contact any of the Officers or Directors or click here to become a member.
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